Interesting finding

Maybe 32 oC is too hot for a 47 year old not very fit man to try and cycle 50 km into a brisk wind?

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  1. 50 Km seems a bit far if you are not fit. What happens if you have to stop half way – do you walk or collapse.?
    ambition is a thief.

  2. How did you get back again? I mean, it’s hard to cycle a circular route and also cycle all of it into the wind.

    Tim adds: A “circular” route, yes. But roads aren’t quite laid out that way.

    You can quite easily end up with the wind “against” you 3/4 of the time as a crosswind is almost as much of a pain as a headwind.

    Just to make matters worse, there’s a local feature here where in one valley (quite a long one) the wind seems to reverse itself. Up on top of the ridge it’s going one way, in the valley the other. And no, I’m not making this up, the local farmers have strips of foil on the vines etc to keep the birds off and in hte valley they were flying the reverse way.

    But it was, I think, the heat that was getting to me. I’m normally quite happy over that route and distance….but under 30 oC.

  3. I think you need to join that fine organisation called ‘Athletics Anonymous’.
    Any time you feel like indulging in the harmful practices you describe, you simply call another member who brings a bottle over, and you have a couple of stiff snorts while he talks you out of it.

  4. I’m looking at my folding bike. I’m considering that a cooling dip in the Med is about 25km away.

    I’m remembering that I’m at the top of the steepest change of altitude in Europe its 36 deg outside & there’s no bus service back.

    I’m ordering another cold brew……….

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