Musical moments

This piece is quite fun. Musicians retelling their favourite moments of their career.

My favourite is of course Gary Kemp about Live Aid:

I thought I\’d speak to Bowie, but he didn\’t know who the fuck I was. I got in his way at the bar. I introduced myself and he gave me one of those looks that suggested I was stepping too close to his radar…….Meanwhile, I was drooling over Pete Townshend. He told me to follow him up on stage to stand on the side and watch the Who – the greatest rock band in the world – doing Won\’t Get Fooled Again. Then I got a tap on the shoulder. It was Paul McCartney. He said he thought we\’d done a great gig and gave me the thumbs up.

Not a bad memory of a musician\’s life really, Macca telling you you done good….whether it\’s true or not.

My own, from a very short and unsuccesful musical career, was from the last gig I played when I was 18. In a trad jazz band playing at a ball in, umm, Roehampton maybe? Some country club style place outside London anyway. I was just on form, dunno why, hitting the notes right, tone perfect, just really enjoying it….\”in the groove\” you might say even if that\’s more normally used to refer to beat than the music as a whole.

The saxophonist, Gerry Keen, leans over in a break and whispers in my ear that you\’re supposed to build up to that sort of playing, not waste the sweet stuff on them early in the evening. Quite made my day.

And no, I wasn\’t good enough to ever trouble the adult world of music but it was all fun at that point.

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  1. It’s interesting that so many of the moments mentioned happen to not be moments where great music was produced, but when the social status of the supposed ‘artist’ is transformed.

    (Tim, on the other hand, values most a musical achievement — no wonder he didn’t have what it takes to succeed in the modern music business!)

    Being a semi-pro musician myself, if I was asked a similar question I would never have thought about giving the sort of answer these glory-seekers give. My answer would be something like “When I wrote song X”. Fool! It should have been “When Ami Winehouse got me to sign her breasts” or “When John Lennon said we were the happening sound of late autumn ’65”).

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