Not a very modern view

For it is more important to be true to your wife than true to yourself, and more important to be true to your word than true to your desires.

But there\’s something to it all the same.

9 thoughts on “Not a very modern view”

  1. Hogwash. If a man finds he is homosexual, his life is turned upside down, and so is that of those he loves and who love him. Is staying in that marriage a better thing in such circumstances? Are people quietly living in denial and unhappiness doing better for the others? I don’t think so.
    In these situations, everyone is a loser, to wish it otherwise doesn’t make it so.

  2. How does a man”find” he is a homosexual in middle age. He surely must have known for a long time he was attracted to men .

    Anyway, what difference does it make. I generally find 20 year old women more sexually attractive than 60 year old women. However it is a 60 year old woman I am married to, and I make sure I find her attractive. It isn’t really all that hard. Or are you saying that homosexuals have poorer self control and are more prone to unhappiness than heterosexuals.

  3. Brian, follower of Deornoth

    It is very easy to convince yourself that what you wish to be true, is true. So your sexual desires are stronger than your marriage vows? All you have to do is wish that your desires are more important than your bound promise, and lo! they are more important than your bound promise.

    Very convenient, isn’t it?

    Particularly nowadays, when botty-bandits are immune from criticism.

  4. Thanks, Julia. As they have children I think it’s ill-judged to discuss this business as if the two parents are the only people involved.

  5. Double hogwash. In what weird sense is it being “true to your wife” not to leave her when you find you don’t love her? Break an old promise, or live a lie? Life’s not simple, but one thing worse than divorce, even for the kids, is an unhappy marriage built on lies and resentment, every day.

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