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Wives who claim their husbands should help out more around the house because women work a \”double shift\” at the office and in the home are misguided, according to research.

If both paid work and unpaid duties such as housework, care and voluntary work are taken into account, husbands actually contribute more than their fair share to the household, experts found.

You need to add paid, market, work and unpaid, household, work together in order to get the true amount of work being done. And it\’s around 8 hours a day for both men and women on average.

And that number has been trending downwards for generations.

There is no \”ever longer working hours\” and women do not work longer hours than men.

Two myths destroyed for the price of one if you like.

3 thoughts on “On a theme you see mentioned around here”

  1. “You need to add paid, market, work and unpaid, household, work together in order to get the true amount of work being done.”

    Really? Why, then, do you continue to push GDP as the only valid indicator of economic activity?

    Tim adds: I don’t push GDP as the only valid indicator of economic activity. Read around a bit would you? I consistently point out the flaws with it, keep pointing out that it only measures market activity, even explain why it shouldn’t be used as the be all and end all….despite the fact that it’s one of the numbers which is easy to calculate.

  2. Surely the main reason we use GDP is that it is not subjective and therefore not open to to manipulation and abuse by politicians?

    So, flaws’n’all, doesn’t it give us a reasonable long term view of how we are doing as an economy irrespective of which party is manipulating the economy to suit their own agenda?.

    Tim adds: The answer to all questions which begin with “surely” is “no”. Mr. Venning that is, sound man.

    GDP can be manipulated, no, it’s not very good and yes, it excludes a lot of important and interesting things. However, we can roughly, aroundabout, calculate it near enough in real time….a few months late maybe. GNI, GNP, NNI, NNP, NDI, NDP….these require stats that take a year or more to collect.

  3. Looks to me like people spent more time arguing over how and when to do the housework than actually doing it — a bit like labour unions *smirk*

    I think it’s some sort of release for pent-up anger and also partially a territorial ‘game’, after all, this is all rather trivial stuff that only takes seconds or minutes to complete, so the actual job cannot be the real reason for the spiteful, insane, petty and stupid turf wars that people get into over this.

    If you look at functional homes, you see that everyone, including the toddlers always tidy as they go along and sort out a problem when it occurs without complaining(and ruining the mood for everyone), which is why it looks as if the house is kept neat by magic.

    But that’s cultural, not economics because it’s an attitude issue… then again, you could argue that a well run company has the same can-and-will-do attitude that keeps a family happy.

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