On gamete donation

I believe the dignity of parents, donors and the unborn would be threatened by introducing marketplace values.

And without marketplace values there won\’t be those unborn to have their dignity threatened.

When are we English going to get over this distaste for \”trade\”?

4 thoughts on “On gamete donation”

  1. Strange, because lives are created in circumstances much more frivolous than that. One presumes Mooney wants a State agency to license people to have sex?

  2. Rob:

    It’s not strange–just puzzling and maybe even a little depressing. But very much the same is true in innumerable instances in which “the larger society” seeks to insinuate itself in every aspect of private behavior. (And I dare say that there are few among us, no matter how individualistic or market-oriented, that does not, occasionally think–or mutter–“there oughtta be a law.”)

  3. As long as we are governed by an elite drawn from the privately educated, non-technical, anti-science class that can afford to employ workers of one sort or another to do all the real work needed to support them in their own lives (ie manfacturing, repairing, delivering etc) we will never see a country that values expertise in anything other than politcs or money.

  4. I wonder whether in choosing a mate Ms. Mooney and the publishers at the mail considered the potential for that mate to buy a birthday present, a meal, or an evening out? Did they take no account of their potential mates ability to pay for a car, a house and nice clothes?
    If they did then they applied marketplace values to the choosing of a mate, and hence the production of any children- much as they might wish to hide the fact.

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