On the rain forests

Yes, I think we know how this one goes:

Climate change and illegal logging could wipe out rainforest wildlife by 2100
Most of the plants and animals found in rainforests today could die out by the end of the century because of climate change and illegal logging, according to a new study

The qualifier of \”logging\” will quickly get dropped and the meme that climate change will wipe out the rain forests will spread.

What would be interesting would be to find out what the report itself actually says about the impact of each different cause but it\’s paywalled unfortunately.

Daniel Nepstad, an ecologist at the Woods Hole Research Center in Massachusetts, said only a cut in greenhouse gases can save the world’s wildlife.

\”This study is the strongest evidence yet that the world\’s natural ecosystems will undergo profound changes — including severe alterations in their species composition — through the combined influence of climate change and land use,\” he said.

“Conservation of the world\’s biota, as we know it, will depend upon rapid, steep declines in greenhouse gas emissions.\”

Oh look, it\’s happening already. And Nepstead was one of those behind the dodgy bits in Amazongate as well.

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  1. There’s an interesting thing in there, if you compare table 2 on page 7 with table S1 in the supporting information.

    They seem to be the percentages ascribed to climate change, land use (deforestation and logging), to a combination of both and to neither. They are supposed to be “parallel”, with one broken down by continent and the other by country.

    If you look at the details, there is a large mismatch.

    The figures for C (climate change) and LU (land use) are C 63 and LU 3 for South America but
    C 4 and LU 54 for Brazil. Similarly for Africa the figures are C 51 and LU 6 but for DRCongo it is C 11 and LU 51.

    Since Brazil and DRCongo are the largest components for each continent, it looks a bit fishy to me.

  2. “And Nepstead was one of those behind the dodgy bits in Amazongate as well.”

    No, Jonathan Leake and Richard North were those behind the dodgy bits in ‘Amazongate’.

    Nepstad is one of those doing science in the Amazon. As you’d expect since he’s actually been there doing research and experiments for years, while I suspect the closest the other two have got to the Amazon is amazon.com.

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