Our Ken

I honestly can\’t remember meeting a more gentle, modest and courteous man. Or laughing so much.

For a comedian it\’s the second sentence that is important. But that Ken Dodd also merits the first sentence is, in he larger sheme of things, perhaps more important.

3 thoughts on “Our Ken”

  1. I’ve heard that you don’t go by public transport to any of his shows. He is so good at his craft that the planned times for the show is never long enough and he gets so many encores that you’d miss your last bus home if you stayed to the end.

  2. Never seen him, but I am guessing that he is one of those who are at their best in live shows.

    The late Rikki Fulton, of Glasgow, was another. He could leave my ribs in need of medical attention, especially when teamed with Jack Milroy.

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