Paul Routledge and numbers

And today\’s example of a journalist who really doesn\’t have a firm grasp on numbers is Paul Routledge in The Mirror.

The Office for National Statistics says that 178 in every 10,000 people in management and professional jobs die before they’re 65. The comparable figure for middle-class jobs like teaching is 297. But for manual workers it’s 407 per 10,000. And their overall life ­expectancy is far lower, too.

Nice try there but no.

Early mortality (ie, deaths before retirement age) is measured per 1,000 of population, not per 10,000 of population.


Well done Paul, you\’re only out by a factor of ten!

7 thoughts on “Paul Routledge and numbers”

  1. ? is it saying over 450 men out of a 1,000 die every year in a red bit – mongolia or south africa? seems nuts. what am i getting wrong? mortality is 100% eventually, but not every two years, not even in harare.

  2. Where on that map does it show the breakdown by occupation or class?

    Maybe I’m missing something here.

  3. The maps say that 5-10% of the UK dies before reaching 60, whereas Paul Routledge puts it between 1.7% and 4%.

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