Plus ca change

Bjørn Lomborg, a self-styled \”sceptical environmentalist\” who has long opposed international curbs on carbon emissions, is now urging world leaders to invest heavily in clean energy.

Erm, that\’s not actually a great change from his previous views.

In fact, I don\’t see it as a change at all. He has always said that climate change is happening and that we\’re causing it. He\’s also always bought into the basic economic approach: either a carbon tax or cap and trade plus adaptation. Mitigation only makes sense so far as it it improves the general lot of mankind.

He\’s also always said that over and above this there should be government led R&D into non and low carbon technologies. This is all in his first book so I really don\’t see what the change is.

3 thoughts on “Plus ca change”

  1. My copy of his first book is not to hand, but my memory is that he said that he felt that he wasn’t equipped to judge the issue of Anthropogenic Global Warming, so he’d just accept the notion and carry on to assess what should be done in response. That’s not the same as “He has always said that climate change is happening”.

  2. Is this what time-travelling feels like?

    Yes, I’m bored by the lock down. My grouse moor won’t manage itself.

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