Project Acumen: not quite what we\’ve been told really

Project Acumen is yet another investigation into trafficking into the sex industry.

It\’s what led to the stories of there being 12,000 trafficked women last week.

Seems that there are some problems with these numbers.

Like, y\’know, they\’re bollocks?

….then you’re trafficked. Because that’s what the protocol says. Now it doesn’t say that in Westminster law because the Home Office is full of highly paid assholes living off the taxpayer who haven’t learnt to cut and paste yet,

Yes, you really do want to read it. Apparently, if you\’re working in a brothel because you\’re poor and not paying your national insurance stamp then you\’re trafficked.

3 thoughts on “Project Acumen: not quite what we\’ve been told really”

  1. Do you ever get the feeling the HO is more worried about stopping foreigners from going on the hump than native women? Sometimes this whole sex-trafficking business smells to me like yet another instance of “look at those immigrants, coming over here and stealing our jobs”…

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