Saving the world

There is some cause for optimism, though, as more businesses are starting to realise the cost benefits of reducing waste. Walmart, of all places, is leading the charge to becoming a sustainable company. At a recent EPA roundtable on food recovery issues, Bobby Fanning, senior manager of solid waste and recycling for Walmart, discussed plans to make the round stickers on bananas biodegradable. Somehow, that makes me feel that all is not lost.

Call me Mr. Picky but I have a very strong feeling that that is not only an insignificant irrelevance but actually counter-productive. The time spent worrying about such things could have been spent doing something more productive perhaps?

2 thoughts on “Saving the world”

  1. Indeed. They praise to the hilt a charity recycling unwanted food, then bemoan that it doesn’t exist in all states. They whinge about unrealistic sell by and consume by dates, yet never suggest how they could change this.

  2. I wonder how all these initiatives compare with say, people using GPS applications on their phones. There was a study done into the effectiveness of GPS navigation which found that drivers reduced their fuel use by 12%/annum.

    The internet is reckoned to save 10 times in fuel what it costs to power it. You reduce wasted journeys, you reduce having to cart yourself to the shops and instead get the shops to come to you. It’s much more efficient for Royal Mail to carry a bunch of parcels to an area of town than for everyone in that part of town to travel 5 miles to the shops.

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