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Green is a brilliantly successful British entrepreneur, but his family tax arrangements are very complicated and he would not get elected to the kind of Tory club to which David Cameron once belonged.

Err, yes, OK, I think that it\’s probably true that the Bullingdon Club probably wouldn\’t elect some Jew in the rag trade, one who left school at 15, as a member.

But, erm, aren\’t we rather supposed to go beyond such prejudices when working out who we might ask to help out in running the country?

Even, possibly, consider what people are rather than where they came from?

I\’m really not sure whether White hasn\’t quite thought through this sneer as yet (that an Oxford University dining club wouldn\’t elect someone who didn\’t go to Oxford University for example) or whether he really does mean to bring up the \”Jew\” and the \”trade\” bit.

7 thoughts on “Sir Michael White”

  1. White may be a bit of a prick sometimes, but I have met MWhite and I have never detected any hint of such prejudice.

  2. Even if he did mean to bring up the fact that he is Jewish and “in trade”, wouldn’t that be an implicit criticism of David Cameron for being associated with a club that MW suggests has entry criteria that are both snobbish and anti-semitic?

    I don’t have much time for MW but I struggle to infer any anti-semitism or snobbery in this. Now inverse snobbery on the other hand..

  3. His article reads to me as a statement of the bleedin’ obvious – businessmen brought into government usually prove to be flops.

    Even shits like White write anodyne stuff sometimes.

  4. Ah, unless he was trying subtly to tar Cameron with anti-semitism, a tricky proposition when Cameron has just appointed Green. Thus the reference to the Bullingdon club. Could be, but only he knows.

  5. I think White’s fairly obviously trying to imply “LD backbenchers don’t like it that Green’s a tax-dodger; Tory backbenchers don’t like it that he’s a Jewish oik”.

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