Some of the most beautiful areas of Britain could be sold off and wildlife and countryside protection measures cut to the bone to meet expected 40% cuts in the budget of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, it emerged.

It doesn\’t matter a damn who owns these reserves. There will still be the regulations insisting that you cannot concrete them over.

Let some rich man maintain his own wildlife park, not tax the poor so that civil servants do it: take the money and run in short.

3 thoughts on “So what?”

  1. It’s the assumption that ‘nature’ needs to be ‘managed’. Just stop managing the countryside.
    The bio can diverse to its indigenous state where we aren’t using it, and tree surfing can become an olympic sport.

  2. Isn’t it delicious explaining to idiots why the government is right, rather than ranting at the idiot government that is doing it wrong.

  3. The conservationists make such a great song and dance about retaining the biodiversity of our countryside, so the public will not be deprived of seeing these marvellous species in their natural habitat.
    Then having located the wild orchids, natterjacks, hob-hawks, they close the area down and keep the public out, because we might “disturb” or contaminate the asset.

    These places aren’t being conserved, they are being claimed as exclusion zones, by a self-appointed elite.

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