Startling news from the Daily Mail

Milk from the offspring of cloned cows is secretly – and illegally – going into high street shops.

Despite deep unease among consumers, the milk is not being labelled or identified in any way, leaving shoppers in the dark about what they are drinking.

A Daily Mail investigation has revealed that this \”milk\”- which shoppers are innocently feeding to their children in ignorance of the source – can contain significant amounts of phospholipids, casein micelles, carotine, lactoglobulin, lactose and even cholesterol.

The cows being used to produce the controversial milk start life in the U.S. as embryos created from the eggs of cloned prize-winning Holstein cows and the sperm of normal bulls.

The effect of these immigrants on house prices is as yet unknown.

10 thoughts on “Startling news from the Daily Mail”

  1. They missed a key ingredient of the milk from cloned cows, which is a serious lapse.

    They missed the dihydrogen monoxide; and we all know from previously published polls that many respondents want it banned, because it’s been known to kill people. In large quantities, it’s especially dangerous to toddlers.

    Won’t somebody think of the chiiiiildren?

  2. misuse of the word cloned.this is embryo transfer and has been going on for years.reports on farming almost always get simple stuff wrong.

  3. dearieme: A handful of things can cure cancer. Including, I should imagine, reading the Daily Mail. But yes, it is certainly more likely to cause than cure. The only thing we know for certain: it must either cause or cure cancer. There can be no middle ground, no compromise with the forces of cancer-neutrality!

  4. Josh, you beat me to it.

    I heard a rumour that people are made of chemicals, too, can you believe it?

    Clearly it’s all Mrs. Thatcher’s fault.

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