This is making me slightly nervous

This is the second time in a couple of weeks that the Telegraph has used a photo of my flat to illustrate an article on house prices.

Do they know something I don\’t?

2 thoughts on “This is making me slightly nervous”

  1. You need to speak with Matt Cardy & Getty Images as that’s where the photo came from.

    Is your flat the 12th across, 9th down? 🙂

    Second row from the top, fifth house in from the right…..opposite the Assembly Inn in fact.

  2. so that’s looking up N-N-E up Milsom St from somewhere round the old multistory car park, with the Loch Fyne restaurant smack in the middle?

    Tim adds: Yup….George Street across the top, then behind that Alfred Street and the Assembly Rooms….

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