Tuba Solo!

Just right for a Sunday afternoon*.

*Err, no, I don\’t know why it\’s just right for a Sunday afternoon either. But it is.

3 thoughts on “Tuba Solo!”

  1. Talking of rare earth metals, seen this Tim?


    Tim adds: I hadn’t seen Ambrose on it, no, but I knew the general story. There are a lot of people getting worried about this. There’s no reaql problem with finding rare earths, for they’re not in fact rare. The problem is, no one outside China has the processing plant any more. And that’s expensive.

  2. Talking of tubas does anyone know the name of the Muddy Waters song which features MW on vocals and guitar and some fellas on a clarinet and a tuba? Heard a recording of it many years ago. It was performed at some concert or other. So far the power of the interwebs has been unforthcoming.


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