Umm, well, tiny problem here….

City authorities in Moscow have announced a ban on the sale of spirits between 10pm and 10am, in the most recent of a series of measures designed to break the country\’s drinking habit.


Russia has since increased excise on beer, raised the minimum price of a bottle of vodka to 89 roubles (£1.87) and announced plans to cut sales at kiosks.


An estimated 51% of production is on the black market, with factories running illegal night shifts and huge supplies of moonshine called samogon distilled in villages, where it acts as a second currency.

Err, anyone want to try and outline the cause and effect thing here?

5 thoughts on “Umm, well, tiny problem here….”

  1. I wonder if any books about Prohibition (in the US) were translated into Russian.
    Just when you think governments couldn’t get any stupider, they go and do something like this! Just shows I keep underestimating those bureaucrats.

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