Useful answers to Daily Mail headlines number XVI

You wouldn\’t have called Gladstone and Disraeli Bill and Ben. So how come total strangers call me Tom?

Because social mores have changed Tom.

6 thoughts on “Useful answers to Daily Mail headlines number XVI”

  1. Hey, IPSA, listen and learn, Ben, sorry Mr Kawczynski demands you call him by his proper name. May I suggest that next time he phones you address him as Mr Kowabunga, Mr Kamikaseeee, Mr Krackatowa, Mr Kowahoolee. If he bitches about your skills at pronouncing his surname point out that Ben was way much easier to pronounce and no one has yet told you how Kawczynski should be pronounced. Even better when he phones ask him to confirm his name, address and date of birth (like they do at all other utilities/phone companies/banks etc). When he pronounces his unpronouncable name state that is not the name you have on your records and cut him off.

    Mummy x

  2. Well, I’m of “the younger generation” and I take umbrage at being addressed by my given name by strangers. Colleagues and friends call me Sam. Random drinkers in my local pub, or people I chat with on blogs can call me Sam – they’re just friends I haven’t met yet, but checkout operators in supermarkets? Car salesmen? Council employees? Bankers? I expect to be addressed as either Mr Evans or Dr Evans.

    Given names are for friends, and if we’re interacting in an official capacity, I’d rather keep things on a more formal footing.

  3. On those rare occasions when I prefer to be known as Mr. Kelly, I have a phrase which hits the right note every time –

    ‘Let’s dispense with the informalities’.

    Works every time.

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