Well, we did say this would happen

UKIP that is, over the European Arrest Warrant.

The truly Kafkaesque bit about it is this:

Foreigners, as a flight risk, are often refused bail and pretrial detention in some European jurisdictions can last years.

Youi\’re denied bail because you\’re a flight risk….but the very existence of the EAW means that you\’re not a flight risk….that\’s why you\’re there in the court room in the first place.

1 thought on “Well, we did say this would happen”

  1. This system is absolutely disgraceful. It allows us to be placed at the mercy of the lowest judicial standards in Europe.
    One other thing which worries me. Could an extraditing European state, once they have a defendant in their custody, then allow that same defendant to be re-extradited to a non EU country with whom they have an agreement?

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