Well, yes, quite

A number of points I\’ve made myself over time.

If you have to ration then rationing by price is the best way to do so….and if there are those too poor to afford the good or service and you wish to make sure that no one is too poor to afford the good or service then give them money so they can afford it.

We do this with food: give people money to buy it rather than insist the supermarket have a special set of prices for the poor or indigent. We ought to be doing similarly with university, gametes, dentistry and health care in general.

Vastly better to have an operating market and adjust incomes to compensate than to try and not have the market in the first place.

1 thought on “Well, yes, quite”

  1. If all incomes were equal, economics would be easy, and a sufficient guide for policy. But the laws of supply and demand operating in free markets do not create equal incomes. Far from it. And economic theory has virtually nothing to say about income distribution: it is just an outcome. Except that, if incomes are equalised artificially, presumably through taxes, the market system rapidly collapses. Apart from that, you are right.

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