What an amazing breakthrough in jurisprudence

If you can incriminate yourself by answering such questions then you’ve definitely got something to hide.

Quite amazing, don\’t you think? No one needs legal or expert representation when being interviewed by the agents of the State. \’Coz they\’re all just righteous and just they are, representing nothing but the interests of society.

Clearly….I mean only the guilty would ask for a lawyer in a police cell, wouldn\’t they?

Just think of the cash we can save here!

4 thoughts on “What an amazing breakthrough in jurisprudence”

  1. The rule is simple: to the best of your ability, endeavour never to interact with agents of the State, especially the police, without legal representation. Give them nothing. Probably the best method of avoiding indictment and conviction is to maintain a stony silence in all such interactions.

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