What an amazing surprise!

The Future of Rural Energy England (FREE) – a new energy efficiency scheme funded by energy company Calor – has matched fuel poverty data with areas of England that are off mains gas, showing Forest Heath in Suffolk, Berwick-upon-Tweed in Northumberland, and Bassetlaw in Nottinghamshire contain the highest proportion of fuel-poor households in off-mains gas England.

Places off the mains gas network pay more for energy than places on the mains gas network.

Tomorrow, proof that those using AA batteries pay more to keep the lights on than those connected to the National Grid.

The real beauty of the study is that it\’s funded by the company which provides the expensive gas to those not on the gas grid.

2 thoughts on “What an amazing surprise!”

  1. It actually is a bit surprising that Calor funded this.

    Surely they have a vested interest – none more so – in ensuring that those areas not on gas mains do NOT get connected.

    If everyone’s on mains gas, where’s their business?


    BTW we had a vote a few years ago on getting mains gas where I live; I voted against. After all, when did you last read the headline “House destroyed in explosion, local oil company investigating” ??

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