What if government ran everything?

As the Federal Government does for the Indian tribes?

But, it is the exception – many tribes still lack access to even the most basic of human necessities. Some haven\’t the infrastructure to provide running water, let alone business opportunities. The federal government continues to breach its trust responsibility, evidenced by staggering statistics: Native Americans have the highest rates of poverty, unemployment and disease of any ethnic group in America. Upwards of 70,000 Navajos have no running water. Many must travel several miles to wells and are forced to haul water back to their homes for family and livestock, while neighbouring non-Indian communities spring up in the desert like oases, so proud are they of their green lawns and swimming pools.

Hmm, what? You mean having government run everything doesn\’t create a nirvana, is not the promised land flowing with milk and honey?

Well, bugger me then….

2 thoughts on “What if government ran everything?”

  1. The tribes are self-governing; indeed, they are considered sovereign states. This actually works to their disadvantage sometimes. Since they are sovereign it is difficult or impossible to sue them, so anyone doing business with them has to worry about a breach of contract for which there is little redress. (This immunity applies in other ways, too. If you are injured in an Indian-run casino you can’t sue them for negligence as you could if it were a Las Vegas casino.)

    (Not all tribes allow gambling; the Navajo don’t, for instance.)

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