Worthless, entirely worthless

Tony Benn launches a \”fight the cuts\” open letter.

Not worth taking seriously at all.

Neither Sunny Hundal nor R Murphy are on the list of signatories so clearly it\’s not important at all.

(More seriously the bunch of raving Trots who did sign it gives us a decent enough list of those up against the wall when the Revolution comes. Serwotka, Lucas, Crowe, Lyndsey German for goodness sake, Salma Yaqoob, …..not really a joke either, as the revolution does always eat its own)

8 thoughts on “Worthless, entirely worthless”

  1. My favourite comment:

    4 Aug 2010, 3:54PM

    I can’t make head nor tail of what he is saying.”

    Some of us have had that feeling about Mr Wedgie for years.

  2. “Fight the cuts”. Translation: “Keep taking by force to pay our client base”.

    Tony Benn has still not dare think that he and his cronies can always volunteer extra taxes to maintain the services they believe “essential”.

  3. How about reviewing the cuts in, let’s say, two or three years – when they have really had time to bite. Then let’s see how clever they were. And then we can judge whether or not your bogey man was right or not.

  4. @Nick
    I would ‘ve thought that waiting two or three years while the Condems make irreversible changes to the traditional British mixed economy is the opposite of what these people want to do.
    It is all very well raving about raving Trots being put up against walls but there is a basic point that UK real wages have not kept up with productivity so people can’t buy the stuff produced (se Stewart Lansley’s “Unfair to middling “) ,which you can smear as Marxist or
    Trotskyite but still needs addressing.

  5. “which you can smear as Marxist or Trotskyite but still needs addressing.”

    And thieves see all this stuff they didn’t earn and try to take it. That needs addressing too.

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