Yup, it\’s that report again

Think tank the New Economics Foundation (NEF) look at how much food, fuel and other resources are consumed by humans every year. They then compare it to how much the world can provide without threatening the ability of important ecosystems like oceans and rainforests to recover.

This year the moment we start eating into nature\’s capital or ‘Earth Overshoot Day’ will fall on 21st August, a full month earlier than last year, when resources were used up by 23rd September.

All the usual caveats apply.

They insanely insist that nuclear has the same carbon footprint as coal, that the CO2 aborbed by the food that you eat is somehow different from the CO2 that you exhale, that land can only be used for one thing at a time and even then they find out that the thing we\’re running out of is the ability to recycle CO2 emissions.

Yes, we know that, we can see the rising concentration in the atmosphere.

Not worth the paper they\’ve written it on.

3 thoughts on “Yup, it\’s that report again”

  1. “that the CO2 aborbed by the food that you eat is somehow different from the CO2 that you exhale”

    You are kidding, right?

    I suppose they do the same for the cows making the meat, double dipping, triple dipping.

    This is what happens when facts meet a brain incapable of critical reasoning.

    Tim adds: Nope, no kidding. Land is assigned to one function only….growing food or recycling CO2. OR not AND.

  2. So is the suggestion that we should stop all those brown and black people beeding then ? Bold Minister , very bold

  3. “…aborbed by the food”
    Don’t these people have subs!

    Tim adds: Umm, no Nick, they don’t…’coz it’s a blog, see?

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