Advice for Andrew Simms

He\’s got this \”100 months\” project going. A piece a month at CiF telling us all how we\’ve only got 100, 99, 98 months to go before DOOM. 25 months in and it\’s fair to say that he\’s finding it difficult to say anything interesting.

However, a little bit of advice:

Yet, we are perhaps further from holding back the warming tide than when we began to count down the months…

Err, so if writing the articles leads to things getting worse, why not stop writing the articles?

2 thoughts on “Advice for Andrew Simms”

  1. Your comment is a bit like the riposte to when Bono said at a concert “every time I clap my hands, a child in Africa dies” and someone from the audience shouted “well stop clapping then, you wanker.”

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