And so Basement Cat goes to meet Ceiling Cat

Our very own version of Basement Cat….well, I say \”our\” but of course he regarded us as his…shuffled off this mortal coil this morning.

A jet black tom he enjoyed the outside life and the female cats down the end of the road (and to get to them he had to get past his own father\’s territory which made for amusement on all sides) and only turned to us when he wanted something. Fred had picked up cat leukeamia some time ago and then when cat flu hit him a few days back it hit him hard.

A couple of days at the vets on antibiotics and drip fluids couldn\’t turn it around and, well, there, off he goes.

Hey, he was a cat, not something in short supply in rural Portugal.

But, you know, \’bye Fred, have a good time.

8 thoughts on “And so Basement Cat goes to meet Ceiling Cat”

  1. My condolences, he sounds a fair bit like the family cat we had as kids (apart from that ours was spayed), and despite his attitudes to humans we all missed him a lot when he shuffled off this mortal coil.

  2. Yeah, also sorry. Cats do come and go – it’s a risky life, outside – but I remember and miss all the ones who’ve gone. So: sorry for your loss.

  3. What can one say that hasn’t been said already?

    The passing of a good cat is no small thing.

    My condolences.

  4. “There is not enough time in the world to erase the memory of a good cat… Nor enough Selotape to remove his fur from your couch.”.

    ‘Bye Fred.

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