Casa Pia

This story is huge over here.

One of Portugal\’s most famous television presenters and a former ambassador were among six men found guilty yesterday of involvement with a paedophile prostitution ring that exploited children from state-run orphanages.

The guilty verdicts handed down to TV presenter Carlos Cruz and the five others exposed the truth of more than three decades of rumours about systematic abuse of young boys at the 230-year-old Casa Pia network of orphanages.

Wikipedia is a good briefer on the whole thing.

As with the Margaret Hodge thing in Islington, just yet another example of the way in which while, in theory, the warm embrace of the State can make things better, in practice it doesn\’t always work out that way.

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    I do not doubt the Portuguese state make many things worse. But this smacks a little too much of Satanic Abuse rituals (not to mention de Sade and any number of conspiracy theories) for me to be entirely comfortable about citing it.

    Let’s see what happens.

    Tim adds: Really don’t think so, I really don’t. Read the wikipedia entry….

  2. Statistically speaking I suspect it would be safer to give orphan children to random people on the streets than let the State bring them up.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    “Tim adds: Really don’t think so, I really don’t. Read the wikipedia entry….”

    Just had a read of it. Doesn’t make me feel any better about the accusations. Or the verdicts now. So some child abuse may have gone on involving one caretaker who may have taken some pictures. Very bad. But a prominent TV personality? Just the sort of person you would think a child could be pressured into naming.

    The problem with the accusation is someone like Paulo Pedroso who was paid compensation for wrongful detention. Four children seem to have named Eduardo Luís Barreto Ferro Rodrigues but he has fought back strongly and so those charges seem to be going nowhere. They backed off. Why is the evidence stronger in some cases than in others? Why does it justify convicting some former diplomat but not these two?

    And what is really odd is charging one of the lawyers for one of the accused and convicting him too.

  4. Brian, follower of Deornoth

    It has been known for some time that the SS in Britain run children’s homes as paedophile brothels; you just have to read Private Eye about Birmingham City Coucil, or Kincora Boy’s Home.

  5. I tend to refer to the Council Social Services departments as the “Council Buggery Service”, knowing that some of them must be. But which? I have no idea.

  6. The Laughing Cavalier

    It is strange, is it not, how the Left managed to keep the lid on the Hodge scandal? Also the scandal of the Paedohile Information Exchange and similar groups being affiliated to The National Council for Civil Liberties in the 1970s trough to the early ‘8os, enabled by Hewitt, and Mr & Mrs Dromey

  7. I’m not quite sure this story supports your jab at the State. Certainly not when you hear the people that are or were brought up at Casa Pia and are extremely loyal to it. Including this victim that decided to “come out” after the verdict and credits the institution to his education and ends this video saying that he will put all this behind his back but not the Casa Pia, that he will always care about:

    Incidentally, wikipedia misses a small detail about Paulo Pedroso, both in his entry and the entry about the scandal: his compensation was refused on second instance (he is appealing to the Supreme Court, apparently), and all the defamation cases he has brought so far were dismissed. I am too lazy to do what is necessary to add that bit to wikipedia.

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