The UK government intends to reorientate its entire aid programme to put the lives of women in developing countries at its heart, the deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg, will tell a United Nations summit.

Women\’s lives will get better when they are more valued within their own societies. It is economic growth which increases the societal appreciation of the value of women.

Thus, a \”gender based\” method of aid would focus upon economic growth. For that is what will raise the valuation of women in those currently poor societies.

2 thoughts on “Cretin”

  1. except that focusing on women might be the best way of achieving growth. There’s quite a bit of research showing that cash handouts given to women are spent on food, education etc. whereas pissed up against wall when given to men. For example.

  2. “It is economic growth which increases the societal appreciation of the value of women.”

    Except, no.

    China isn’t a particularly enlightened country when it comes to women. See the tossing out of baby girls like trash under the one child rule, helped in no small measure by the patriarchal traditions that make it cripplingly more expensive to be the father of the bride than of the groom. Massive economic growth hasn’t changed that.

    What will – as it did here and elsewhere women enjoy greater levels of equality – is education, agitation, and organisation. In other words, fighting for it.

    That’s what gave us just about every positive social change that you would blindly and dogmatically put down to “growth” or “markets.”

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