Daily Mail headline questions to which we might have an answer

What turned this middle-class public schoolgirl into Wayne Rooney\’s £1,200-a-night escort?


11 thoughts on “Daily Mail headline questions to which we might have an answer”

  1. This does make me wonder what she does now, though. It strikes me that a £1200 hooker who goes to the press isn’t going to be a £1200 hooker for very much longer.

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  3. I wish they’d stop calling them “escorts” – they’re prostitutes, whores or tarts.

    “Vice girl” was the preferred tabloid term when NoW reporters “made their excuses and left”.

  4. If the ‘escorts’ organised themselves the way the poofs did -greg kettles -you would be a lot more respectful. They know a lot of secrets.

  5. According to the article her nice middle class parents have disowned her.

    I wonder if this is because she’s a whore (not a rude word in my book) or because she screws other premiership footballers.

  6. Actually, I’ve just done a little research into this. Apparen;ty 120 quid is a pretty standard for your bog standard escort if you visit her at her place. This young lady is charging 1200 a night.

    Now, if we assume that a full night session is based on eight hours that means our former public schoolgirl is charging just slightly more than most girls in her line of work.

    One of Madame Claude’s ladies this lass isn’t. What that says about her I couldn’t say, but it says a lot about Mr Rooney’s tastes. Or lack thereof.

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