Government planning of food in Africa

This isn\’t unbiased to be sure but it is fun.

What might be less fun is that I strongly suspect that we are still paying the interest on the debt run up to do that.

6 thoughts on “Government planning of food in Africa”

  1. It really is fun……..I googled “poverty and floods” and I ended up here……it’s all bollocks and world government know it.

    I am now going to walk into the garden and piss on the Japanese knot weed.

  2. When I was a boy, the two questions that you asked Labour canvassers if you wanted to enjoy watching them squirm were (1) What about Groundnuts? and (2) What did you do in the war?

  3. At least the groundnut scheme was outside Britain and so did no social damage to the British.. Which is a good thing.

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    But there is something odd about the Ground Nuts scheme. Quite what it is I am not sure. After all, the British built lots and lots of irrigation projects in all over the Empire such as India which did not screw things up quite so badly. The Gezira scheme in Sudan might even be a little bit of a success.

    So maybe it is a Labour thing. Who knows?

    At least the Scheme is not as bad as the Swedish government’s de facto siding with the North during the Vietnam War and their funding of the Bai Bang paper mill:

  5. Sadly, despite being given this free (for them) lesson about the inherent failings of state run farming projects right on their doorstep, Julius Nyere inflicted his own version of this on his people in the early 70’s.

    Predictably the only results of the “villagisation” plan were reduced agricultural output and civil unrest that came close to civil war.

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