Have I got my numbers right here?

We drank 760ml of alcohol at home per person per week in 2006 compared with 527ml in 1992. Outside the home, it was 733ml in 2001/2 and 443ml in 2008.

So adding the 760 to the 443 we get total consumption of 1,203, adding the other two we get 1,260.

So alcohol consumption per head has gone down?

6 thoughts on “Have I got my numbers right here?”

  1. Looks correct to me. Supermarket cheap deals combined with pubs being forced to the wall by stupid regulations (and cheap supermarket competition and smoking ban &c).

    Consumption is down, is’s significantly down in pubs, but pubs are the problem, still.

  2. She’s using figures from the Institute of Alcohol Studies, who didn’t start measuring consumption outside the home until 01/02 and (weirdly) stopped measuring it after 2006. Consequently she’s using 3 different years.

    If we compare apples with apples…

    01/02: 735 at home + 733 outside home = 1468

    2006: 760 at home + 561 outside home = 1321

    So, yes, it has fallen. 2001/02 was the postwar peak.

  3. “We drank 760ml of alcohol at home per person per week in 2006”: how is that defined? I mean, a bottle of wine is near enough 760 ml, and its alcohol content is claimed to be (very roughly) 10% “by volume”, so are people really drinking nearly 10 bottles of wine per week each? I don’t believe it. So what do they mean?

  4. Did you notice that the Scots are going ahead with their minimum price on alcohol, Tim? I’m willing to make a small bet there is no EU legal issue to worry about.

  5. If drank 1260 ml of alcohol per week, I’d be necking about

    63 500ml cans @ 4%


    13.5 750ml bottles of wine @ 12.5%


    just under 5 bottles of whiskey…. now call me crazy, but even my iron guts couldn’t handle that.

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