Tesco is to start selling Viagra over the counter at half price.

The pills were only available on prescription – or from dubious internet sources – until Boots began selling direct to customers last year, at £55 for four.

But Tesco will offer fierce competition by selling Viagra at £52 for eight of the blue tablets.

Not needed quite yet, thank you very much, but I understand that the patent expires in 2013.

I wonder what the price for generic Viagra will be when it\’s actually legal to sell generic Viagra?

Will the internet be able to cope with the volume of spam?

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  1. Tim

    Off topic, but there was a little snippet from Andrew Marr’s R4 show Start the Week today which I thought might amuse you. The subject was “selfishness” – Dawkins selfish gene etc. Honoured guest Roy Hattersley announces he’s just discovered Adam Smith’s theory that all activity is based on selfishness. He mocks Smith for the crudity of his worldview. When Marr suggests Smith provides a countervailing argument against instinctive selfishness in the Theory of Moral Sentiments, Hattersley responds:
    “I don’t know that”.
    He’s never heard of the book. In fact it seems he wasn’t familiar with Smith at all until a week or two ago.

    Woy was deputy leader of the Labour party for nine years. He’s been in politics since 1956. And he spent all that time without the benefit of having read the single most important work in politics and economics until now. And he’s *never heard* of the Theory of Moral Sentiments.

  2. Still OT, Woy is much loved, by which i mean derided, in Scotland for saying, with reference to devolution, something on the lines of, ‘There have to be limits, of course. They couldn’t just decide to have their own education system.’

  3. “Will the internet be able to cope with the volume of spam?” Yes my dirty mind did parse spam as something else.

    I hope that the lower profit margins on generic Viagra would mean that spamming was less lucrative and thus the spam volume would drop.

  4. When our daughter was small she had a much-loved mechanical toy, whose trick was to throw himself to the ground and bounce up again. We called him Rattersley.

  5. Ray is probably a lot closer to the mark.

    When every pharmacy is selling a years supply* for a fiver, then the need to buy off the internet disappears.

    * 12 Tablets 😉

  6. “Will the internet be able to cope with the volume of spam?”


    Confession time : I’m ultra-gullible.
    It’s those ads on the internet –
    combined with what all woman will tell you –
    the male’s well-known man-sized insecurity

    I mean, just how many spam-like ads
    can one person possibly respond to ?
    It is not as if they seemed to work, but (ask any female)
    hope springs eternal in the small-to-average male breast

    So product after product is tried : salves, pumps
    swamic mind control, yogic exercises;
    until the “problem” solves into quite another one.
    Still, many admire my new snake-skin belt ….

    Alan McAlpine Douglas

  7. Erm, someone’s missed the point here.

    Just because a prescription drug is off-patent, that most assuredly does not mean that it’s available OTC. Just pop into your local pharmacy and ask for some Amoxicillin, if you don’t believe me.

    Once it’s off-patent, anybody (which in practice means Ranbaxy or Teva) can make and sell it – once they’ve got the necessary permissions and approvals. But you still need a prescription to get some.

    Now, of course, Pfizer (or any other legal manufacturer) can apply for permission to sell it OTC if they wish, but the authorities which in practice means the FDA) would need an awful lot of convincing that that was a safe thing to do.

    Don’t get too excited just yet.

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