How excellent!

Bank of England: Banks making \’excess\’ profits from loans
High street banks are increasing charges and fees on new loans by “substantially” more than the rise in their own costs, the Bank of England says.

For, as we all know, a few years back they weren\’t charging enough: risk was mispriced. That\’s why half of them went bust.

That they\’re now charging rational prices is only to the good.

4 thoughts on “How excellent!”

  1. What is an “excess” profit anyway?

    If the customers think they are being gouged, they’ll go elsewhere.

    Unless, of course, government tries to kid them that it will/can do something about it.

  2. Helps you remember that there are two sides to every story. (I read the piece and was seduced into immediate condemnation to my shame) Pity the media when reporting the news does not bear that in mind. Still facts and truth do not sell advertising space. Not that you are right but the possibility is there that you are and judgement should be withheld until all the facts are in and been evaluated properly.

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