How The Guardian announces that Cuban firing state workers thing

\”Capitalist storm clouds loom over Havana\”.

Given that the average income is some $20 a month, plus a bag of beans and rice and, let us not forget, that free health care, perhaps a little watering of the economy from those clouds might be a good idea?

3 thoughts on “How The Guardian announces that Cuban firing state workers thing”

  1. Funny ain’t it? Cuba, eh? The world’s last (I think we can leave North Korea aside, as there’s not much paradisical bout it. At least Cuba has sunshine and the Caribbean) socialist paradise implementing Thatcherite privatisations.

    I was struck by this:

    “Che Guevara’s dream of creating a “socialist man” motivated by moral rather than material incentives has long been abandoned.”

    Making the people more socialist was at the heart of a Labour debate post 1945. Attlee and his allies just got on with the job of governing, nationalising, creating the NHS etc while other leading Labour luminaries thought the priority should be to make the people more socialist before building the state structures.

    ‘Twas ever thus with the Left.

  2. Rather odd.Rory Carroll is usually scathingly critical of Latin American socialism see”Cuban Repression has continued under Raul Castro”(Guardian) and Red Pepper’s complaints about his contempt for Chavez,such that the coup against him scarcely gets a mention by Carroll.

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