How to win a Nobel Prize (a real one)

Via, this.

It was a decision point. I had to find out if the bacteria could really affect a healthy person and cause gastritis. I\’d been working very hard in the previous 12 months on piglets, but I have to tell you that piglets aren\’t piglets for very long. They just about grow before your eyes, so after six months I had nearly full-sized pigs in our offices and I was wrestling with them and it was chaos. And you can\’t infect pigs very easily, it turns out, so that failed rather miserably.

It does help if you\’re right of course.

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  1. one woulkd like to think the same degree of rigour applied to climate science…but you do have to note the extreme levels of resistance the merely empirical hypotheisis provoked. And then think about how scientists think of themselves as scrupulously empirical. In my book, a scientist has always been someone with low integrity in search of a research grant.

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