Humans not as selfish as first thought

Or rather, humans not as selfish as some think:

It found that a fifth of the world\’s population had volunteered, almost a third had given money to charity, and 45% had been \”good samaritans\” and helped a stranger.

The UK came eighth on the index overall and finished joint third, alongside Thailand, in terms of giving money, with 73% of the population having donated to charity. However Australia, New Zealand and the United States were far more charitable overall. In Europe, only Switzerland and Holland fared better than Britain.

There\’s life yet in the argument that charity thrives, that the State doesn\’t need to do everything.

1 thought on “Humans not as selfish as first thought”

  1. “[…] volunteered […] had given money to charity […] had been “good samaritans” and helped a stranger.”

    Who hasn’t done all three of those things?

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