I wonder why?

But sources said pilot schemes showed that even with the limited powers to write and telephone suspects they were far more efficient and effective at clawing back money than HMRC staff.

Companies proved particularly successful at forcing tax avoiders to pay small sums.

Why are they more efficient than the highly trained and professional (copyright R. Murphy) members of the PCS union?

7 thoughts on “I wonder why?”

  1. The article’s a mess. It conflates tax avoidance with tax evasion and benefit fraud, it quotes the supposed results of the research but tells us nothing about that research, and it throws out meaningless political platitudes about lifestyle choices and ‘paying your fair share’.

    And Martin is right, of course. Someone with a job for life and a guaranteed pension is much more likely to sit around in the office than go knocking on the doors of people who won’t be pleased to see him.

  2. It’s not just the article that’s a mess:

    Sources at HMRC suggested that “voice recognition analysis”, which alerts investigators when a caller claiming benefits sounds nervous, could be used to identify those seeking to mislead tax inspectors.

    The fact that this is still being considered useful technology despite a review on the DWP’s use of it placing it “at the astrology end of the [scientific] spectrum“.

  3. Perhaps because a drong with a swastika tattooed between his eyes, the kind of guy who’s failed selling everything from timeshares to vacuum cleaners, working on commission only won’t eat if he doesn’t collect, while members of the PCS have to spend their time dealing with dud IT systems foisted upon them by politicians desperate to keep in rich mens’ good books instead of demanding to see them?

  4. Expensive woo.

    But perhaps its vendors have something better tucked up their sleeve; software that can identify when a civil servant has a huge budget and absolutely no clue how to spend it?

  5. Lie detectors. The authorities believe that if they lie enough about their effectiveness the plebs will be scared into paying what they owe, merely by fear. Which is all to the good in their World view, the harrying of innocent citizens caught by false positives is a price worth paying.

  6. The management of HMRC are scum. They have systematically undermined the Collection side of that Dept by
    1-getting rid of its best staff with years of experience during the idiotic customs merger.
    2-Useless IT
    3-Several large collection offices have been forced to become phone centres because it is much cheaper to hastle people by phone (but much less effective than visits). The Revenue could not cope with the bad publicity if their call staff used the same nasty tactics the privates will use, so they want the privates to replace their staff so if someone commits suicide or complaints of harrasment pour in HMRC bosses still have deniabilty.
    4-A moronic scheme to replace small local offices (with local knowledge of who is trying it on) with a roving “Field Force” with salesman type territories. It has been an utter disaster from start to finish and has now effectively collapsed in all but name.

    The claim that Ichor (US based ) is better than HMRC is the result of a toally biased “test” in which Ichor was unleashed to compete with a Collection office so over burdened that they weren’t even able to start on the “test” work they had been given. A stitch-up.

    I assume the voice-stress bit is a joke. No, sorry, its the Limp-Dumbs that are the joke.

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