Important nuclear safety failing!

Serious safety problems have been exposed at a dockyard in Cumbria that makes nuclear submarines after an emergency exercise revealed \”confusion\” and \”extremely poor\” procedures, according to a report by government inspectors.

Britain\’s biggest arms company, BAE Systems, is being forced to rerun the exercise to prove that it can cope with a serious nuclear submarine accident after a string of mistakes that could have put lives at risk had the incident been for real.

A report into the exercise at Barrow dockyard in Cumbria this summer, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, found that members of a rescue team were prevented from getting to the scene of an imagined reactor accident for 15 minutes because they had to fill in forms about radiation risks.

No, really:

But according to the Nuclear Installations Inspectorate (NII) report, there were numerous problems.

• A \”protracted\” delay in sending in a team from Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service caused by \”briefing and paperwork\”.

Health and safety regulations, making things more dangerous.

3 thoughts on “Important nuclear safety failing!”

  1. Not necessarily. Sometimes you are not allowed to do things when you are playing / practicing, that you would be allowed to do if you were doing it for real.

    The “imagined radiation accident” may well have been, possibly even should have been, in a “real radiation controlled area”. Hence the need to get briefings and complete paperwork.

    Been there, done that, had the arguments with the people running the exercises …

    Doesn’t make the rest of what BAe did right, though.

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