In which I am conflicted

So, Pachauri should go.

For the crime of being appointed to manage a large organisation and project while not actually being a very good manager of a large organisation or project.

Seems entirely fair to me: the further up that greasy pole you go the greater the possibility that you\’ll start to exhibit the Peter Principle and thus the greater the likelihood of your being hoicked off said greasy pole.

However, it\’s Geoffrey Lean telling me this. And a useful guide to the world is that Mr. Lean is always wrong. No, the stopped clock analogy does not work here (or rather, never has before) so I am somewhat conflicted.

From Lean\’s statement Pachauri is clearly the best manager in the world and should be appointed global emperor immediately. Observation of the real world says that he\’s a terrible manager and should be sacked.

What are we supposed to do when hard won wisdom, gained through years of experience, conflicts with reality? Do I go with the wisdom and do exactly the opposite of whatever it is that Lean proposes or do I have to take note of reality and support Pachauri\’s firing?

4 thoughts on “In which I am conflicted”

  1. As a general rule, firing senior bureaucrats of any organisation for any reason is to be supported, pour encourager les autres.

  2. In fact cancel that: all is right with the world. See the headline:
    “Dr Pachauri is damaging the world”

    He’s still a complete moron.

  3. If Dr Pachauri is damaging the IPCC, and the IPCC is damaging the world by opposing the free market, then Dr Pachauri should stay in post.

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