In which I praise George Monbiot

This piece. Worth reading in full.

To paraphrase Keynes: \”When I am informed of the facts I change my mind\”.

It\’s something of a pity that it took one trained in zoology a couple of decades to get those facts but to publicly accept them and reverse one\’s position is admirable.

More joy in heaven over the sinner that repenteth etc.

We\’ll leave those other areas where George needs reprogramming to another day and just glory in his conversion for the moment, shall we?

2 thoughts on “In which I praise George Monbiot”

  1. It’s rather revealing: ” .. we should be comparing the amount of land required to grow meat with the land needed to grow plant products of the same nutritional value to humans.”
    That ‘one trained in zoology’ needed a book to teach him that, rather than seeing it as obvious, implies that he’s rather dim, even by the standards of ‘one trained in zoology’. Dim, dim, dim. Or “shit for brains” as one of my chums used to say.

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