Legalise drugs now

Several hundred very good reasons are right here.

We might also note that the number of deaths in the \”War on Drugs\” in Mexico is greater than the number of deaths from all overdoses in the US.

And something like 4 to 5 times the number of deaths caused by the major illegal, smuggled, drugs, cocaine and heroin. And this is in a population one third the size of that of the US.

So, the death rate from the War on Drugs in Mexico is 12 to 15 times the death rate from the use of drugs in the US.

Just stop this puritanical nonsense.

3 thoughts on “Legalise drugs now”

  1. It’s not ‘puritanical nonsense’ but a tax-free, regulation-unimpaired make money fast racket.

    This is why it’s illegal and why it’ll stay illegal.


    …. ;-D

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