Linguistically necessary rewrite alert!

So, I see this mentioned:

The Swedish clothing brand ACNE is launching a new collection aimed at transgender consumers

And I think…tee hee, those silly Swedish, not getting what acne means in English.

Oh, wait, maybe they\’re being like super ironic?

So, I go looking:

Founded in Stockholm in 1996 by four creatives, Acne’s ambition was to create and develop a lifestyle brand through desirable products,

Hmm, no, I think it might really be linguistic inability.

Acne was one of the first brands to see the space in the market for denim and used this forward thinking to create 100 pairs of unisex jeans.

Eh? I think Levi Strauss beat you there by a century or more.

…the subtle luxury and understated items originates from the ethos that the clothes should feel like someone’s wardrobe.

Err? Wooden? Nailed to the wall? Assembled from Ikea?

What? What?

Cool and personal.

Personal: such an odd word to use to describe a piece of furniture.

ACNE Paper was developed as a visual form of communicating the ACNE collective and what inspires it. The Independent Newspaper describes it as “pointing to the future of fashion publishing.”

With stores and projects across nine countries, Acne is today recognized internationally as a creative collective, unique for its corporate diversity in fashion, graphic design, film production and advertising, as well as product, business and concept development.

Dear lord, there\’s an entire paper full of this stuff. Launch party photos here. No online version available so sorry, we cannot find out whether the interesting approach to the English language is continued.

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