Most amusing

\”I mean, it is absolutely bizarre that the people who can\’t tell us what the ******* weather is next Tuesday can predict with absolute precision what the ******* global temperatures will be in 100 years\’ time. It\’s horse ****.\”

The response is pretty good too:

In response, Greenpeace spokeswoman Joss Garman said: \”Personally, I wouldn\’t trust \’O\’Really\’ to tell me the price of a seat on his own airline, but to be fair his position does have the support of such intellectual heavyweights as Nick Griffin, Sarah Palin and George W Bush.\”

Neither are being very scientific but we don\’t have enough good insults in public life I always think.

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  1. The Greenpiss artist is on autopilot, though – the most obvious, cliched lefty hate figures, and (as ever), be buggered that Dubya has an MBA from Harvard, and is qualified to fly single-engined jets.

  2. Except of course that O’Leary’s directly concerns the facts/data/science at issue where the Greenpiss response is exclusively ad hominem/argument from authority.

    Otherwise, yes, I suppose there’s nothing to choose between them.

  3. O’Leary may be discussing the facts, but it’s still a poor argument.

    If I start to inflate an airbed, I can’t say exactly when the first cell will pop outwards, but I can say that in ten minutes it will all be full.

    If I toast a piece of bread, I can’t say when it will begin to brown, but I can say in ten minutes it will be black.

    If I drive a car across a mine field, I can’t say if it will be in one piece after five seconds, but I can be more definite after 30 minutes.

  4. Typical Leftie response. Collectivist, guilt by association etc.

    “Nick Griffin is a rancid fascist, so everything he says, likes or does must be wrong”

    Thats right, Mercedes Benz make crap cars cos Hitler liked them.

  5. Typical Thornhill response. The right are always right, so let’s give anyone to the left of Genghis Khan a drubbing cos they’re bound to be wrong whatever it was they were saying.

    A moment’s attention to the orginal quote would have detected that the perfectly reasonable point was to liken O’Flighty’s pisspoor reasoning to that of three people with well-earned reputations for idiocy.

  6. Mr. Potarto- if you were to make a prediction- every day for next day- on some particular subject, and had a history of being wrong some twenty percent of the time, declined to make a prediction one month ahead on the grounds that it is too difficult, and then made another prediction for one hundred years time I for one wouldn’t bet my grandchildren’s lives on that prediction being right.
    I think Ms Garmen is possibly wrong to regard three people with university degrees, two of them from highly prestigious establishments and two of them with a record of achievement as intellectual giants, but her position here is reasonable. Whether they are or not of course is irrelevant to the subject under discussion, as indeed is whether or not they do agree with anyone on anything.

  7. JSM, and yet all three are almost certainly a good deal smarter than you, in more ways than one.

    I rather like Sarah palin, nobody since Reagan has really got under the skin of the left like Palin. Like or or hate her, she’s had a wonderful effect on the left, exposing their inability to attack her with anything other than pointed personal attacks because nothing riles them more than a woman who won’t toe the party line.

  8. “O’Leary may be discussing the facts, but it’s still a poor argument.” Whereas your point is utter tripe, Mr Potarto. Your first two examples concern single events with clear cause and effect. No prediction needed, the outcome will happen if the action is continued long enough. In the final example, you are simply making the observation that the probability of intersecting a mine increases with the proportion of ground covered.

    Weather and climate are not so simple. No cause and effect has been established between greenhouse gas emissions and any significant and measurable global warming, and other climate drivers and processes tend to be poorly understood. So we may be certain the toast will burn after 10 minutes of toasting, but there is no way of stating with any worthwhile level of certainty that the planet will fry in 100 years.

  9. Ed Snack, it’s always good to receive a thoughtful evaluation from someone who knows me well.

    Oh, and it’s best to cut out the idolatry; in politics it always ends in tears.

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