On Greenpeace

We are faced with a choice: act with real urgency to move away from fossil fuels and develop the clean tools that will help us completely rebuild our economic system, or carry on squeezing out the last drops and hope for the best.

It\’s not actually an either or.

Using coal, oil, natural gas now, while we develop those clean tools would work just fine. Indeed, it\’s the sensible thing to be doing. Wait until the clean tools are actually available, in quantity, at the right price, and then use them.

Hey, Jeremey Leggett says that solar PV will be cheaper at the point of use, even here in the UK, than fossil and grid derived power by 2013.

Not long to wait then, eh?

However, I suspect that the really important part of that is the \”completely rebuild our economic system\”. Greenpeace would be utterly distraught if anyone really did come up with a non or low carbon form of energy generation that allowed free market capitalism to continue making life better for all.

Which is why they\’re going to be so pissed off in a decade or two when exactly that happens.

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  1. ….or carry on squeezing out the last drops and hope for the best…..

    We may be facing a peak oil situation, we not. Nut what we are certainly not facing is the last few drops. If we were, crude oil would already be sold as a luxury item to the ultra rich, whilst the rest of us took advantage of the relative cheapness of solar 😉

  2. A while ago there was a very interesting documentary on radio four. It was introduced by a lady who was an environmental activist. She explained how she had had a revelation that all was not well with the green movement whilst addressing a conference of leading environmentalists.

    She posed the following question to the crowd: “if I could wave a magic wand and reduce CO2 to preindustrial levels, how many people here, with a show of hands, would like me to do that?”

    Needless to say she was pretty surprised to see very, very few hands go up.

    That absence of hands tells you everything you need to know about what the ambition is for the environmental movement. It is not to save the planet, it is to change society.

  3. isn’t the real point that Barack Obama is a machine politician with no ideas and no capacity for thought? Hll, he makes Blair seem like a philosophy graduate! The vision of saying we need nuclear and we need gm crops is beyond him and the focus group mentality.

  4. Stuck-record, that sort of question would instantly make me wonder what trap the speaker had prepared for anyone who raised their hand.

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