On the glory that is the real France (ie, not Paris)

Happily I can report that earlier this week in a little bar in a little village I know in rural France the locals saw me coming and moved outside. So they could tell I was English? I asked the barowner,
\”Non mon ami, ils fument dans mon bar, mais vous etes un visiteur. They wish to be polite\”.

2 thoughts on “On the glory that is the real France (ie, not Paris)”

  1. In the part of France I live they only move outside the bar to smoke if you are a stranger not because of nationality or to be polite but in case you object and snitch on them to the local Gendarmerie.

  2. Cafes and bars in Paris have just been told they have to remove patio heaters from their outside terraces. It’s part of the fight against climate change obviously, and also you can’t have smokers smoking in comfort, they must be made to pay for their sins.

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