On the subject of The Stig

He married wife Georgina soon after joining Top Gear. As a ­member of the wealthy ‘Clifton set’ — ­Bristol’s answer to the Sloane Rangers — she may have expected to be kept in some style.

Georgina, wealthy Clifton set…..I wonder could it be the same one?

Probably not as Georgina is hardly an uncommon name in said set.


2 thoughts on “On the subject of The Stig”

  1. Have a nose at this dizzying entry in the comments section in relation to the earnings of “The Stig”:

    “Earning no more than 70,000 a year? Wow, i wish my wife and me together earn that much. What a greedy world we live in!

    – Jasper Noone, Swindon, 04/9/2010 08:42”

    You could write pages on this comment alone. Wanting to earn that kind of loot is fine, but actually achieving that aspiration makes one “greedy”?!
    This comment sums up the hypocritical bilge that constitutes the progressive/lefty/whatever-you-want-to-call-it agenda. Prefix the comment with the word “Listen” and it could have come straight from Ed Balls gob.
    It is also one of the highest rated comments, which you could understand if it was published in The Guardian…but in the “right wing” Daily Mail?

  2. Aaah! She wishes… Clifton, perhaps (actually Bedminster), married ,not; and only two kinder. Shame really, I could claim contact with The Stig, could be good for business.
    BTW Repton may well denigrate newbies as such, but there is a long standing motorsport association with Stig as almost all, so it seemed at the time , of the great Scandinavian rally stars wee Stig this and Stig that.

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