Sexual blackmail?

In this day and age?

The man obtained a High Court ruling stating that his name and details of his alleged relationship with the woman should not be published, nor even the existence of the gagging order.

It can now be disclosed that the man sought the order because a woman had threatened to reveal her affair with him unless she was paid “very substantial sums”.

A judge has now agreed that the fact of the injunction can be reported, as the risk of it being leaked onto the internet can never be eliminated, but ruled that the identities of those involved must remain secret.

I find it difficult to believe that there\’s actually the possibility of blackmailing someone over a consensual hetero sexual relationship these days.
Within a family, a small group, perhaps, to make sure the wife/husband doesn\’t find out. But in the wider world? Not quite sure what there is to blackmail someone about these days.

7 thoughts on “Sexual blackmail?”

  1. It all seems quite profoundly unjust to me.

    If you have a relationship with someone else, that is a part of that persons life story, as well as part of your own. They should be free to relate that to whomsoever they like. The law shouldn’t have any part to play in this, unless the other party is making false claims.

  2. It has to be someone in politics, or perhaps a prominent gay rights activist, whose life would be destroyed by the knowledge that he/she swings both ways 😉

  3. Monty, it’s not the telling of the story – that would only involve the law if there was a contract (or, and I can’t see how you would get one in this case, a duty of confidentiality).

    It’s the demanding money not to tell – that’s blackmail, whether you would be talking about sex, or time spent together (thinking of public derision) trainspotting, taking drugs or working for Tax Research LLP.

  4. Why shouldn’t people be offered the chance to pay someone not to tell their secrets?
    If it’s ok for the Sun to pay someone to tell the story, then it should be ok for people to be given the chance to pay for the story not to be told.

    The idea that blackmail should be illegal and that the selling of stories should be suppressed by government is absolutely shocking.
    It’s basically a system which gives the rich and famous the right to do anything they like without reproach and supports peoples right to lie. I can’t see how such laws can do anything but undermine trust.

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