Sir Pterry ahead of reality once again

But it has emerged that Sir Edward Elgar, the composer of Land of Hope and Glory, penned the world\’s first football chant.

Titled \”He Banged The Leather for Goal\”, the theme was written more than 100 years ago in honour of his beloved Wolverhampton Wanderers.

And of course in Terry Pratchett\’s recent Unseen Academicals there is a running joke of a classical composer trying to create football chants.

No one knows whether the tune was ever played during his lifetime but yesterday it got its first-ever known public performance at a charity concert in the city.

The choirs of St Peter’s Collegiate Church, under the baton of Wolverhampton Symphony Orchestra conductor Peter Morris, belted out the chant at a concert to raise money for the church’s organ restoration fund.

Sung by the Unseen University choir.

This sounds a little unlikely though:

The Pomp And Circumstance composer would cycle from Malvern to Wolverhampton to accompany her to Molineux,

Yes, I know, our forefathers were tougher than us and all that.  But expedia tells me that is 41 miles which seems rather a long way to go on a bicycle circa 1900 for a middle aged man.

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