Slightly missing the point

With fish stocks around the world depleted by overfishing and disrupted by climate change, farm-raised salmon stands as a viable if not entirely appetising alternative.

Last Friday, though, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) took a potentially dangerous step. The agency ruled that salmon whose genes have been altered so that they grow more rapidly than their wild counterparts are safe for human consumption. In so doing, the FDA opened the door for salmon to become just another unhealthful cog in the industrial-food machine. And it may have foisted upon the public yet another cancer risk.

Now it\’s true, I\’m not really all that much in favour of the technocratic society. One where clever people in offices decide what we all may or may not stuff into our bodies.

But if you are going to be in favour of such a society, one where the clever people know best, then it\’s a tad odd to not accept what those clever people tell us.

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